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– The New York Times
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Who We Are

From our underground status as a secret society in the 90’s, our unprecedented blunt-edged and bold-faced attitude to our impressive pedigree involvement with such high profile events as Hollywood Award Shows, Formula 1 Paddock Club, Polo, Movie Premieres and New York Fashion Week, over the past decade Bluefish has secured its provocative reputation as the premier lifestyle, personal concierge, and travel service to the rich and famous.

Whether we like it or not, we have captured the attention and editorial of such giants as Forbes, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, London’s Sunday Times, even the South China Morning Post and Japan’s media airwaves. And, let’s not forget that our founder, Steve Sims, has been invited to speak at Harvard. Twice!

Don’t be fooled, Bluefish is not for everyone. Far from it! Exclusivity reigns supreme here at Bluefish. Unique, once-in-a-lifetime memories that are beyond imagination are the Bluefish trademark. From supersonic military jet flights in Russia, to submersible dives in the Atlantic Ocean to view the Titanic, to a spectacular flight into space, the Bluefish team of travel experts places you in astonishing life experiences and offers you the finest luxury travel opportunities worldwide.

So, please… Don’t call us to pick up your dry cleaning or walk your dogs; that is simply not what we‘re about. Bluefish is not a gopher service, an old boy’s network, or a snobby bunch of party-crashers.

Rather, we offer the highest level of personalized travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, VIPs, celebrities, professional athletes, and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.

Bluefish serves quality life experiences to the elite of taste and mind.


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What The Media Is Saying

We agree you can’t believe all you read; yet there is no smoke without fire. If Forbes, CNN, The Sunday Times, CNBC, etc want to rave on about our accolades and ability to offer luxury, personal concierge services then who are we to argue.
We simply say “Thank you for noticing us”

CNN Money
Marie Clair

CNN Money
Marie Clair

Places to Go. People to See.

Let Bluefish show you a private world you never knew existed

Perks of Bluefish Members

What We Do

An exclusive personal concierge service.
Bluefish provides VIP access to a more attractive lifestyle.

VIP Experiences


Your life is a series of memorable experiences.

Let us build your dream experience, from sunsets in the Serengeti to deep-sea dives with great whites, so there’s more life to look back on.

Bluefish’s personal concierge services makes the impossible possible when you just don’t have the time to. All you have to do is show up…with the toothbrush. We don’t supply that.

Ready. Set. Experience.

Luxury Travel Concierge


The ultimate destination awaits, but the journey tells the best stories.

Help us assure you that your journey will be filled with great stories, not awful ones – & by traveling on our watch you shall travel with class everywhere from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu.

Whether you’re a corporate exec, athlete, VIP or crazy Uncle Bob, our Virtuoso travel concierge specialists will get you there smoothly & on time.

The world is your oyster, but we supply the 3-pronged fork.

So where you headin’?

Personal Concierge Services & Lifestyle Management


It’s our uncommon ability to make the inaccessible world accessible to our VIP members that truly sets us apart from lesser personal concierge services.

Let us get to know you, find out exactly what you & your guests want, & deliver every imaginable opportunity with luxurious grace, style & personalized flair.

We know what you don’t about a location, a restaurant, a climate, a hotel, or your wife’s expectations.

Your hotel might know what room # you are, but we know that your favorite band is in town.

Executive & Corporate VIP Concierge Services


The corporate world is too buttoned up. Let us remind you it’s ok to smile & kick back from time to time.

From red carpet premieres to rock star fundraisers & quarterly getaways, we bring the most unique experiences in corporate event planning to executives & corporations worldwide.

We’ll deliver your brand’s message & maintain your distinguished voice throughout, while ensuring your function is successful, extraordinary & memorable.

Don’t forget – the exclusive events are even more fun on the company’s dime.

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