The Daily Driver from Lamborghini

If you’re a supercar driver, but need an SUV Lamborghini would like to introduce you to the Urus. An angry wedge of a thing, hunkered down on massive wheels, with four rocket launcher–sized exhausts out back, the Urus looks ready to rip the roof off a passing Fiat. However, inside is a cabin that’s more Prada than punk rock, a modern blend of leather and Alcantara, soft-sheen aluminum, and carbon fiber.

It has ample room for four 6 foot-plus adults and their luggage. Ferruccio Lamborghini may have created the supercar, but he had a passion for fast, powerful, comfortable gran turismos. He would have loved the Urus.

In simple terms it’s fast on the track and fun on the dirt. Plus at $200,000, it’s the least expensive new Lambo you can buy. The real appeal of the Urus comes from being the first Lamborghini in history that’s a full-fledged daily driver, a raging bull you can take any place, any time.

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