Globe-Trotting Gifts

Find the perfect present for every travel lover on your list

Scratch ‘n’ Show Off

Uncommon Goods’ scratch-off map lets world travelers colorfully display everywhere they’ve been- and scope out where they want to go next. It comes in two sizes and can be found at

This Way to Champagne

The Veuve Clicquot Journey Arrow includes not only a bottle of bubbly, but also a road-sign-shaped tin pointing the way to international cities such as Lisbon and Berlin. This unqiue gift can be found at

Cheers to Travel

Gold-leaf map rocks glasses from UncommonGreen cal for toasting the world’s top cities, from Los Angeles to London. Multiple cities are available for purchase at

Got it in the Bag

Weekend bags are standard gear for the jet-setting life, but there’s not much standard about this garment bag/duffle bag combo from Hook & Albert.
This Garment Weekender begins as a duffle, but can be entirely unzipped to reveal a garment bag. That garment bag can hold two suits, and once the bag gets zipped back into its duffle state, it has a pocket on either side for a pair of shoes and more clothing can be packed into the center.

An in-ear translator

Blank stares in the face of foreign languages will soon be a thing of the past. Designed to pair with its Pixel phone, Google’s new Bluetooth Pixel Buds headphones offer a real-time translation feature that’s like an on-hand personal interpreter.
A touch of the right ear bud activates Google Assistant on the phone, and the user can say, “Google, help me speak Mandarin.”
All it takes from there is talking into the phone in English and the app will transcribe the sentence in Chinese and say it out loud. The Chinese speaker in the conversation can also talk into the phone and the buds will translate that back to English. There are 40 languages that this whole exchange could work with.
It’s perfect for those moments when the food menu’s all in unrecognizable characters and no one speaks your language.

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