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The voice of adventure is calling you: Antarctica awaits. Introducing a unique opportunity to be part of a driving expedition across Antarctica Nov/Dec 2017.

Make your name

Up until now, Antarctica has largely been the exclusive domain of scientific researchers and multi national expeditions. Now, we have pioneered a new, faster and more efficient way to travel on the Antarctica Plateau, giving every explorer access to this wonderful and thrilling continent.

Proven in extreme conditions

Our vehicles have covered over 270 thousand kilometers on the Antarctica plateau, supporting scientists, researchers and skiing expeditions. Our fleet of glacier proven trucks have traversed the most rugged and formidable terrain around the world, including driving to the magnetic North Pole with Top Gear.

The expedition route and schedule

Date / Schedule
24.11.2017 – Arrive Punta Arenas
25.11.2017 – Pre-Flight briefing in Punta Arenas
26.11.2017 – Flight to Union Glacier 4,5hours
27.11.2017 – Driving to South Pole, camp
28.11.2017 – Driving to South Pole, camp
29.11.2017 – Driving to South Pole, camp
30.11.2017 – Driving to South Pole, camp
1.12.2017 – Staying at South Pole
2.12.2017 – Driving to Amundsen Coast
3.12.2017 – Arriving at Amundsen Coast
4.12.2017 – Staying, exploring Amundsen Coast
5.12.2017 – Flight back to Union Glacier
6.12.2017 – Staying at Union Glacier
7.12.2017 – Flight back to Punta Arenas

Making history

Starting from Union Glacier, we will take off for the South Pole through Ronne Iceshelf. No vehicles have crossed Antarctica from Ronne Iceshelf to Ross Iceshelf since the “Common Wealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition” from1955-1958. By adding this destination, Constellation Inlet, we will be the first to cross in vehicles since Sir Vivian Fuchs and his team crossed in their vehicles 60 years ago.

The Expedition to South Pole

We estimate 4 days of driving to South Pole – there are 3 people per vehicle that will share the driving based on interest and conditions. Part of the route is likely to have “sastrugies”: hard packed snow in various formations that may challenge vehicles and people.

South Pole

As you walk around the South Pole, you traverse both ice and time. All the world’s 24 hour time zones meet at this one point. In just a few steps you can “walk around the world” on ice that is over 2.5km thick while enjoying 24 hours of daylight.

The visit to the South Pole may also include an opportunity to visit the Amundsen Scott South Pole science station.

Leverett Glacier

The sensation of being in an “untouched” environment is magical. For the first 400 kilometers towards Amundsen Coast, we are travelling high, 2850 to over 3000 meters altitude on the Antarctica Plateau in all it’s might, an enormous white desert with ever-changing sculptures made for high winds. As you are surrounded by the awe-inspiring elements, you can’t help but feel a sense of humility and admiration for tenacity and sheer bravery of the early explorers who first stepped upon Antarctica.

Amundsen coast

Our driving expedition ends at Amundsen coast. As we wait for the flight to come and pick up the team we are surrounded by stunning vistas and rich history. Also, we can see the jagged mountain range Roald Amundsen faced before making his way onto the plateau in his historical expedition to the South Pole over 100 years ago.

Flight by ski airplane

An airplane coming from Union Glacier – either a Basler (re-engineered DC-3) or Twin Otter will fly you back to Union Glacier. The flight will take you over big mountain ranges which are part of the Trans-Antarctica mountain range.

Getting ready to say goodbye to the magic

Union Glacier camp is surrounded by beautiful mountains and vistas. It’s a large camp that offers many conveniences such as showers, a good kitchen and other things that you will now appreciate as great luxuries on this barren continent. The staff is very friendly and you are likely to meet other interesting people.

The short wait for the flight back to Punta Arenas will give you a little time to reflect upon your own history-making journey.


While en route, we plan to make camp 6 to 7 times. We will sleep in expedition tents that are specially designed to capture the warmth from the sun and keep the cold at bay. Cooking, dining and conversation takes place in a larger tent with chairs and tables.

The Antarctica Plateau is the cleanest area in the world, and we intend to keep it that way. We will make sure we leave nothing behind other than our footprints in the snow.

Physical requirement

  • The expedition requires both physical and mental commitment. A medical check will be required and a dental check is advised.
  • The maximum number of clients per expedition is six.
  • The entire team will take part in the daily work of camping and cooking and should be ready to help each other if or when needed.
  • This climate requires everyone drink a sufficient amount of water and eat an energy-rich diet. In our experience, many people lose weight simply because of the altitude and the exertion required to do a limited amount of physical work in this environment.

Antarctica and plans

Antarctica’s ever-shifting environment gives no weather guarantees. In the latter months of the year, the weather is mostly favorable but bad weather and/or low visibility may affect our schedule, especially the flights. With safety as a priority, we will do the utmost to keep to the schedule, but it is advised not to plan highly important events close to the planned return arrival.

Truly unique

This is truly an expedition of a lifetime. The voice of adventure is calling – Antarctica awaits.

The Antarctica Adventure is $165,000 USD per person.

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