Balthazar Château Margaux 2009

In search of the world’s finest wine and we may have stumbled upon it. If you make your way to Le Clos in the Dubai International Airport, you’ll find three bottles of 2009 Bordeaux from Château Margaux. Wines from Château Margaux located in Bordeaux, France are authentic and subtle works of art. The third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson made their wines mandatory in his personal cellar.

The 2009 Bordeaux from Château Margaux is particularly special and isn’t found in just any bottle.  This beautiful wine is being sold in Balthazars. Balthazars hold 12 liters of wine compared to a standard bottle which only 750 milliliters and are housed in impressive oak boxes. This is the first time Château Margaux has bottled Balthazarsars. While three are for sale at Le Clos only six bottles have been produced.

The wine is priced at $195,000, but comes with a few additional SIGNATURE. Any purchasers of the Balthazars will be flown first-class to Bordeaux for a private tour of the cellars and vineyard, as well as dinner with the chief winemaker.

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