Baroque Church Turned London Hotel

London’s L’Oscar is a turn-of-the-century church turned 39-room hotel that is over the top and you’ll love it.

It was first built in 1903 to be the Baptist Church’s London HQ, and traces of that baroque past can be found in your room via original details like exquisitely carved fireplaces, oak paneling and floor-to-ceiling Edwardian windows. However, the renovation is a little less church and a little more Baz Luhrmann: we’re talking the seven-story chandeliers, gratuitous amounts of velvet and crystal tap handles shaped like butterflies that you’ll see in this slideshow.

After a night’s rest, you’ll emerge from your lair and slink down to Cafe L’Oscar to experience a full English breakfast amid Venetian gilded panels and a mirrored ceiling. Then you’ll simply step outside and find yourself in one of the hottest districts in London, with all the shopping, bar-hopping, people-watching and photographing possibly-but-probably-not Banksys that that entails.

Next thing you know you’ll be back here and seated across from a new friend at the Baptist Grill, staring up at the former chapel’s domed ceiling and anticipating carnivorous delights from a Michelin-starred chef. Starting with rabbit tarts and quail ravioli, and followed by a roving trolley that carves lamb or beef ribs at your table.

All the wine covering your table is purely sacramental, of course.

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