Rolodex-1You already know that Bluefish is the greatest source around with the most to offer and unparallel connections to exclusive events around the world. Our best-kept secret is no longer a secret thanks to world-wide press, media, and TV. Though there is something you may not know. We have in our most private drawers, files full of elite events we are waiting to send a select few. We’ve become victim to our own success and in trying to not upset the many who look for access to only the best, we have held out on events in which we have place for only a few. How have we decided to solve that quandary? Membership in The Club will entitle you to be one of the privileged minority to experience some of the most amazing benefits such as:

  • 1st notice of all events and parties
  • Exclusive, The Club-only events
  • Access to the hottest clubs, premieres, restaurants, and parties world-wide *
  • Invitations to VIP-only affairs around the globe
  • Paramount travel opportunities
  • Online BLUEcal
  • Our award winning concierge service

Does applying to our Club program instantly gain you access? Absolutely not. Is this program for everyone? Definitely not. If selected, does this open doors for you to live out a dream you never thought could be realized? Completely. So while you sit there and ask yourself if you really “need” to become a member of The Club, just remember this: you don’t need to do anything, but you’ll never know what you’re missing until you do.

* Advance notice must be given when requesting access to clubs or restaurant’s.


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