Inkas Armored Mercedes G63 Limousine

There are certain lines of work and fame that require high levels of security at all times. For those people, Inkas has some of the most secure ground-based transportation solutions you can buy— the best of which might be this stretched Mercedes G63 limousine. Built off the frame and base of [...]

Rezvani Tank Military Edition

Rezvani Automotive Designs first car was the Beast, a roofless, doorless track car for the street. Their next project was the TANK, an uncompromising 4x4 with options like armor, electrified door handles, and a rear tack dispenser. Designs that we loved and they’ve stuck to that [...]

Hotel Herman K

What had served as an electrical transformer station for 50 years has been repurposed as the Hotel Herman K. A 1963 Copenhagen building the exterior remains nearly untouched, sporting its original metal grid facade. Upon entry, a towering lobby bar also showcases the structure’s [...]


Supersonic flight has been a dream for civilians since the Concorde took its last flight in 2003. The Aerion AS2 Supersonic Jet is about to change that. The specs stated by Aerion are that it can carry up to 12 passengers around the globe and it can do it while traveling faster than the speed [...]

Hollywood Living

The Residences at the West Hollywood Edition is a marvel to be seen. Sitting on top of the 190-room hotel is the crown jewel of the complex. The Penthouse, a four-bedroom residence made up of 6,415 square feet fitted with an excess of custom details like teak millwork, cabinetry, hardware and [...]

Destination: Bathtub

Where will you be closing out your summer? Exploring mountainous terrain? Discovering new oceanic experiences? Enveloping yourself within an expansive cityscape? Wherever your destination, whatever your plans may be, every summer destination must include a space to relax and unwind. What better [...]