Club Concierge

About The Club Concierge:

conciergeOur concierge team is your genie in a bottle, except this time, the wishes are endless. We excel at arranging outrageous, one-of-a-kind experiences. We have sent clients in a submarine to see the Titanic, provided exclusive access to the greatest award shows, fashion events, and arranged fighter jet flights over Moscow ! It is our uncommon ability to truly make the world accessible to our members that absolutely sets us apart from the rest. We can secure impossible access to A-list events, set up that “I never thought I could do this” adventure, plan our signature personal GPS itineraries and book luxury accommodations in every city around the world. We provide a level of service and satisfaction that is unmatched anywhere else.

We take the time in finding out exactly what you want and then, without hesitation, we set into motion a worldwide network of relationships and contacts designed to make the inaccessible, accessible and deliver every imaginable option and opportunity with grace, style and very unique flair.

Our Bluefish Concierge Services are exclusive to our members only. We believe in dreams… let us find yours.




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