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Can you afford to give the wrong impression?

Bluefish Corporate

Who do you rely on to handle your corporate events and travel needs? Is it the company that just booked you a big grey conference room at the Holiday Inn with the broken projector? Or perhaps it’s the individual who placed your entire team on that smelly shuttle bus at last month’s conference.

Poor presentation and monotony are your business’s kryptonite. It reflects in the energy at the company meetings, the productivity of your employees, and your brand’s overall image. The status quo isn’t going to slide if you seek continual growth within your organization – That’s where we come in.

We’re here to make you look good. You encourage your employees to think outside the box, so why not follow your own advice when planning the next corporate retreat or sales meeting? How would you like to impress your department head by delivering higher-end events, exclusive travel accommodations, and unique employee incentives? Dare yourself to challenge the status quo with Bluefish Corporate Concierge Services.

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the how

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. Our deeply rooted relationships within the hospitality industry ensures we are able to deliver exactly what you need working around the budget you have. It also doesn’t hurt to be Virtuoso registered and in the same class as the top 1% of travel agencies in the world.

planning your

Whether planning a fundraiser, a product launch party, an end-of-the-year sales meeting, or simply making sure your business travel goes off without a hitch, no event is too small or too detailed. We coordinate and organize all facets on time and on budget, whether it’s local or international, all while continuing to provide the very best standard of service and excellence. That how the highest level of corporate concierge services were meant to be.

your message

You have a message to deliver and we will be there to provide the support and materials needed to help you get that message across, whether it’s complicated or straightforward. In addition, Bluefish will maintain your distinct voice and tone throughout while representing your distinguished brand with the utmost respect and professionalism.