Dan Fitzpatrick sings with Journey – Thanks to Bluefish

People often say that dreams are unlikely to be fulfilled so they should remain dormant deep within you. If everyone thought that way, then we’d still be living in the stone ages. The way we see it is that you only live once! Who are we to say you can’t achieve that one thing you always wanted to do which, once realized, will remain ingrained in your memory for a lifetime? It’s time to step outside the norm and realize something once thought impossible.

Bluefish is renowned for providing the amazing for our clients and we will move mountains to turn a dream into reality. Doing it for a good cause offers us a greater incentive to deliver. This brings us to our client, Dan Fitzpatrick, a CNBC commentator. Dan had a conversation with Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island, sharing his dream about singing with Journey and he would make a donation to charity to make it happen. That request landed on our lap and the rest is…well you will see…”

Interview with Dan Fitzpatrick

dan_fitDan Fitzpatrick always wanted to sing on stage with Journey, though it was just a fantasy. He didn’t actually expect it would ever happen. Then he was put in touch with Bluefish and not only will he get to sing a few songs with the band, he’ll be helping out his favorite charity at the same time.

How did the idea to sing with Journey come up? Where were you? How long has this been a dream of yours?

Dan Fitzpatrick: “The idea came up on Neckar Island, Richard Branson’s Island, on a week long marketing retreat. We were brainstorming what kind of contribution we would make to Virgin Unites for a one of a kind experience. The number was $75,000 and one guy said he’d pay that to sing with Jimmy Buffett. I wouldn’t pay that much to sing with anyone, except maybe Journey.

Richard Branson was originally supposed to arrange the concert. Explain what happened?
: I talked with Richard and he said he was all for it. He was going to make a few phone calls. He never made the call and I couldn’t get through to him.

How did you get in touch with Steve Sims?
: Two separate people recommended Steve. One had just gotten hooked up with tickets to an Oscars after party. She said if anyone could make this happen it would be Steve.

What was your first impression of Steve?
: Initially I was skeptical. Journey is a touring rock band. It wasn’t Duran Duran. But he made me believe. My first impression was that he was a real focused guy that doesn’t take no for an answer. I soon got the sense that if anyone could make this happen, this was the guy. It just got better and better.

How has your experience with Bluefish been thus far? Is it everything you expected?
: My experience has been awesome. Steve has done everything I’ve asked, everything he said he was going to do, and even some things I didn’t ask. Sometimes he’s said I’m shooting too small. At every turn he has said “You’re the client, I work for you. What do you want me to do? What’s your dream?”

Dan-Fitzpatrick--Journey-Camden-11What has Bluefish done (little extras) that will make this an over the top concert experience?
: Well, one thing I’ll mention is that after the deal was practically done I wanted to change the venues and Steve didn’t give me any grief. He actually volunteered to do the extra work and I of course took him up on his offer.

Which charity will the concert be benefitting? How did you become involved with it?
: Autism Speaks. My nephew has autism and his dad/my brother is my business partner. I’m blessed that I am doing well financially and a goal is to be able to really donate. It would be fulfilling a dream of mine to make the big donation to Autism Speaks.

Now that you have an idea of what Bluefish can do for you, what other types of ideas do you have for future charity events or once thought impossible goals to fulfill?
DF: He already brought me my number one fantasy, so everything might be downhill form here (laughs). I was thinking about looking into a small part on a TV show. Like a small speaking part or cameo saying “Here’s your Coke,” or something like that. Or, I don’t just want to go to a Victoria Secret Fashion Show, but to be backstage and help the girls change. We’ll take one thing at a time though.

Dan will be singing on stage with Journey on the 7th Oct, he gets his dream, what’s yours?

Would you like to fulfill one of your lifelong fantasies? Contact your Bluefish concierge at concierge@thebluefish.com

* I would like to thank Joe Polish for this video clip shot at his recent 25K meeting in NYC (there is a valid reason his group is called the Genius Network)


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