Destination: Bathtub

Where will you be closing out your summer? Exploring mountainous terrain? Discovering new oceanic experiences? Enveloping yourself within an expansive cityscape? Wherever your destination, whatever your plans may be, every summer destination must include a space to relax and unwind. What better relaxation spot than an elegant bathtub with an extraordinary view of the scenery? If these locations weren’t on your wish list before, they definitely will be. But be careful, if you find yourself in one of the tubs, you may never want to leave.

If you’re searching for an unmatched view of the ocean, look no further than Ponta Dos Ganchos Resort located in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more mountainous, if so the Azur Lodge in Queenstown, New Zealand is a perfect fit for you.

Natural scenery isn’t quite your style? Then the Chairman Suite at the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai, China has you covered.

Where will you be sitting tonight?

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