Don’t Miss These Festivals All Over the World Celebrating Life!


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

brazilian-carnival carnival rio de janeiro Carnival is held annually beginning the Friday before Ash Wednesday and ending on Ash Wednesday at noon. It is considered to be the largest carnival in the world with two million participants and viewers each day. There are similar Carnival celebrations held in cities all over the world, Brazil, however, is the standout amongst them. Google this festival. Seriously. You will lose yourself in the brilliance of it all- the beautiful floats, the beautiful costumes and the beautiful people. Warning, some pictures from Carnival are NOT suitable for work. Therefore we highly recommend it.



Agitagueda Art Festival

Agueda, Portugal

The Famous Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal

Every July, the streets of Portugal are lined with beautifully bright colored umbrellas. This festival started in 2010 and has since become world famous for this new tradition and celebration of art. Whimsical is what comes to mind. Art and whimsy, what’s not to celebrate?



Yi Peng Lantern Festival and Loi Krathon Basket Festival


Yi Peng Festival


The Yi Peng Lantern Festival and the Loi Krathong Basket Festival are held concurrently every year in November. The Yi Peng Lantern Festival celebrates merit, and tens of thousands of lanterns are launched into the air and float away. At the Loi Krathong Festival, elaborate baskets are lit and set to float off into the rivers along with the wishes of festival-goers. If you are a pyromaniac, this is probably not the festival for you. If you love watching people’s whispered hopes and wishes float off into the great beyond, this is your jam.


Holi Festival


Holi Festival

Holi Berlin   Holi Festival is celebrated all over the world, usually in the month of March every year. Originating in India, Holi is known as the Festival of Colors and the Festival of Love. Traditionally a Hindu celebration, Holi is observed worldwide as a celebration of love, colors and spring. Using colored powder and colored water, everyone is fair game to be covered in color. How amazing is it that decorum is left at home and you can frolic and play? Letting loose and throw things at people, all for the right reasons sounds pretty freeing. (Note: The second picture above is Holi being observed in Berlin, Germany!)



Burning Man

Nevada, USA

Burning Man

Burning_Man_2013   Burning Man is a week long festival that begins in the last month of August and ends the first month of September. According to Wikipedia, “The event is described as an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.” Groovy.  Remember when we said the lantern festival was not for the pyromaniac in you? Well this is the festival for you. At the end of each festival, the ritual is to burn the effigy of a man (hence the name). Also there’s nudity, free love, music and … fire.



Golden Retriever Guisachan Gathering

Guisachan Estate, Tomich, Invernesshire, Scotland


Golden Retreiver Festival     Also known as the cutest, friendliest, slobberiest(?) festival ever. The last count of Golden Retrievers was 222 total pups in attendance. It is an annual meeting of goldens (their humans are welcome as well) in Scotland, the ancestral home for the Golden Retriever breed.

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