Get To The Choppa!

It’s the New Year and you’re still flying around in a regular commercial plane?! It’s time to treat yourself to your very own customized helicopter.

Starting at a cool $3.5 million, American Eurocopter, the leading provider of helicopters for U.S. civilian, parapublic and military markets since 1969, can create a personalized aircraft to your liking. Like Ferraris and want your interior to look like one? Well with the money you’d be shelling out for this heli, American Eurocopter will make it happen.

One of Eurocopter’s more popular models is the EC130. The lightweight single-engine helicopter seats up to 8 passengers, so bring some friends along for the ride (just make sure they actually pay for lunch). Featuring a comfortable, quiet and roomy modular cabin, excellent visibility and versatility, and an active vibration control system, this will be a flight of ultra performance. And that’s only one of many in the sexy line of aircrafts offered.

It’s the New Year. Time to quit those old habits of Starbucks coffee every day so you can save up for your one-of-a-kind helicopter from American Eurocopter. Also a good place to use that tax return money on. Happy flying!

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