High-End Fashion In the Theater: A Whole New Dimension to Movie Viewing

Tired of looking silly every time you put on those clunky 3D glasses at the movies? Did things not work out on that first date because your cheap sense of style tainted your first impression? Well no need to worry because the fashion gods have once again found a way to make fashion relevant, even in the darkest of settings where all eyes aren’t on you.

Introducing designer 3D movie glasses, for those who feel the fashion show shouldn’t end on the red carpet outside the theater. Ingri:Dahl, a company founded by two twin sisters with a passion for Hollywood, presents 3D glasses with a touch of style.

Offering a pleasant alternative to the typical cheap versions, these new 3D glasses were recently given a test run at the premiere of The Great Gatsby. Cast and crew members modeled Ingri:Dahl’s retro styled frames, a fitting display for the period piece film and an overall evening full of elegance.

You’re probably asking, why spend the money when you can grab a free pair from the giant box outside the theater doors? Because not only will you look ultra cool like Fonzi, but you’ll be wearing a quality made pair a glasses while also avoiding the possibility of sharing harmful bacteria with the previous individual who wore your public glasses. Genius!

With the majority of movies today shown in 3D, why not make a fashion statement and look as great as your favorite stars do on the silver screen in their shades? That sticky floor might not feel like the glitz and glamor of sporting designer brands on the red carpet, but you sure will feel like a celebrity in those 3D glasses.

No need to sacrifice that stylish image you’re known for the next time you step foot in a movie theater. Check out all the high viewing quality frames at: http://www.ingridahl.com/

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