HoverSurf Hoverbike

The tech for Star Wars-style speeder bikes doesn’t exist yet, but until that gets here, the HoverSurf Hoverbike is as close as you can get. HoverSurf’s Hoverbike is an all-electric, four-rotor flying contraption made of carbon fiber and is controlled by a simple two joystick flight system.

The Hoverbike qualifies as an ultralight under FAA rules and doesn’t require a pilot’s license — although you’ll definitely want to take some training courses before you set off for the wild blue yonder. HoverSurf has 13 miles of range and maximum speed is limited to 96 km / h (60 mph or 52 knots), with charge times of two and a half hours. HoverSurf is taking orders now, and a $10,000 deposit will get you a place in line for one now.

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