An Inside Look at the 2015 Oscars Swag Bag

Estimated to be worth a record $167,000, the 2015 Oscars swag bag is the most coveted of all during awards season. Reported to contain over 80 “gifts”, the Oscars swag bag is a way for many brands to associate their names with the crème de la crème of Hollywood.

Here is a special look at some of the gifts purported to be hand delivered to the 21 nominees who did not win an Oscar.

Luxury Italian Holiday
Value: $11,500

3 Nights in Tuscany, 3 Nights in Lake Como, and 3 Nights in Sorrento Holiday



Glamping Adventure
Value: $12,500

Chef and sous chef, private camp locations, luxury tents with memory foam beds, exquisite linens and tent furnishings, luxury bathroom facilities outfitted with high end toiletries, housekeeping and laundry services. We’d like this to be our official definition of camping.



Audi car rental for a year
Value: $20,000

GPS, Wi-Fi and a years worth of your A-list face in one of their Audis. (Though most likely not the models pictured)


French Mediterranean Sea Salts
Value: $1,500

Fancy salts for the chic and fabulous.



Luxury Train Tour through the Canadian Rockies
Value: $14,500

VIP treatment on a luxury train that winds through western Canada.

Canadian Rockies Train Luxury


Personal Psychic Reading
Value: $20,000

A personal psychic will be flown out to wherever the recipient is to discuss their horoscope, analyze their dreams and teach them mind control techniques.



In addition to the above gifts, the swag bag contains luxury skincare, specialty food items, sexual health tools and personal health and diet products and much, much more- by our calculations, around $87,000’s worth more.

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