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It is perhaps the most iconic ship of all time, but the closest most people will get to the Titanic is a visit to the museum in Belfast, or a viewing of the Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet blockbuster.

Not so for those with endless funds. One company is offering the chance to dive 12,500ft below the surface of the sea to explore the ship at the bottom of the Atlantic.

The tour takes in sights like the famous grand staircase, the ship’s huge anchors and the Marconi Room, from which the world’s very first SOS was broadcast.

The once-in-a-lifetime privilege is being offered by luxury concierge service, Bluefish, and does not come cheap, setting you back a whopping £41,000 ($60,000).



The hefty price may seem like a lot but more than 40 people have so far booked the trip to the Atlantic Ocean depths.

Director of Bluefish, Steve Sims said: ‘We have sent over 40 people down and they have been housewives to technology billionaires, the Titanic really does capture the minds of a wide crowd.

‘Bluefish is known for providing the amazing and rare and the Titanic fits both those criteria.

‘More people have been into space than set eyes on the Titanic.’

Guests will stay aboard the Akademik Keldysh ship at sea and wait for suitable conditions to see the Titanic up close.

The transport to the ocean floor is a MIR I or II submersible which are capable of reaching ocean depths of 20,000 ft (98 per cent of the ocean floor worldwide) and withstanding intense pressure.

The submersible is constructed of nickel steel and can hold one pilot and two passengers, providing a personal encounter of the vessel.

The unique dive takes 11 or 12 hours in total and once you reach the ocean floor powerful lights let you see the main features of ship.

As well as this divers can spot harrowing personal items such as shoes or bags caught between the metal rust, which serve as a poignant reminder of the tragic human loss.



Not only does the trip offer a truly unique ocean expedition, but it also offers the chance to learn about the majestic vessel in depth.

You will take part in a series of lectures and briefings, revealing latest findings about the 269 meter-long liner.

There will also be a ceremony commemorating the tragic events and remembering all those who lost their lives on April 14, 1912.

Meals, accommodation and personal video are also included in the somewhat hefty price tag.

The RV Keldysh and MIRs have made over 15 expeditions to the site of the wreck and have made over a hundred dives.


The unique dive takes 11 or 12 hours in total and once you reach the ocean floor powerful lights let you see the main features of ship

The aim of the dives is not just tourism, but also obtaining imagery from the site, data and physical samples from the wreck to further research and be used in ongoing scientific experiments being conducted by worldwide scientists

Since Deep Ocean Expeditions began dives to the wreck in 1998 no artifacts have been removed from the site

However it hasn’t been plain sailing for Bluefish trips to see the famous ship. Only eight people took the voyage between 2002 and 2006 and after the recession put a strain on luxury spending.

‘The recession hit and everything went to pot,’ Simms told CNN Money.


Now the service has picked back up and guests can experience the whole package, or opt to have everything apart from the dive to the wreck, for £6,820 ($10,000).

The bespoke concierge service offers a range of elaborate services, besides the Titanic expedition.

Whether it is racing half a million dollars Mercedes in the Mojave Desert, a Virgin Galactic flight into space, or having a James Bond experience in Monaco with Bond girls and being rescued by American Navy Seals, Simms sees no challenge as impossible for the right clients.

The luxury does not come cheap, with membership to the club being £3,414 ($5,000) per annum before you have forked out for any experience.


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