Apply For Bluefish Membership

Anyone can apply yet not everyone will be accepted

Does applying to our Club program instantly gain you access? Absolutely not. Is this program for everyone? Definitely not.

If selected, does this open doors for you to live out a dream you never thought could be realized? Completely.

So while you sit there and ask yourself if you really “need” to become a member of The Club, just remember this: you don′t need to do anything, but you′ll never know what you′re missing until you do.

Once your application has been received you will be contacted to confirm membership.

Membership to The Club is $5000 per annum. To find out more about the SIGNATURE Bluefish has to offer check out our SIGNATURE with Bluefish page.

While it’s difficult to monetize quality of life; this is a modest investment in your future. If you have questions, please email us at

Regards and thank you,
The Bluefish


We are currently not accepting new member applications