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This Is One C.E.O. Who’s Fond of Bond
Through his company, Bluefish Concierge, in Delray Beach, Fla., Steve Sims arranges unusual travel and entertainment for celebrities and wealthy executives. Celebrities, he said, want the predictable things – tickets to after-parties at the Grammys or other popular events. The chief executives are the wild ones.

Mr. Sims has received requests from executives who wanted to soar over Moscow in fighter jets or travel by submarine to the remains of the Titanic. But the strangest was from the chief executive of a major software company who wanted to be James Bond for a week.

Mr. Sims said his team “pulled out all of the stops,” arranging a one-week trip for the executive and his wife to Monaco. The executive, who paid $350,000 for the experience, was given a mission, which included operating a powerboat and speeding around in a race car. He had to use a code name in restaurants, where staff members were tipped off ahead of time to serve him his favorite drink, Dewar’s on the rocks. At one point, Mr. Sims even arranged for the executive to be kidnapped by the mysterious Octopussy while dining on a yacht in St.-Tropez. In all, Mr. Sims hired more than 200 actors to simulate the Bond experience for the chief executive. But, apparently, $350,000 couldn’t buy everything. When the executive was in a casino playing baccarat, Mr. Sims asked his team to smuggle a white cat inside to accompany an actor who was dressed as Odd Job, a popular character in Bond films. But casino authorities refused to admit the animal. “We ended up having to find a stuffed cat at the last minute,” Mr. Sims said. “It was a pity.”

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