Porsche 550A Spyder

The 550A Spyder was the car that put Porsche on the racing map. Despite having an only a 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor, the 550A was wildly successful against nearly anything it came up against — including those red cars from Maranello.

This 550A Spyder was one of the last to leave Porsche’s factory, and would claim three first-place finishes, allegedly at the hands of Piech family, although there isn’t any documentation to prove this.

The car is powered by a racing engined referred to as the Type 547 Carrera 4-cam. It was designed by Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann for installation into the 550 Spyder. The Carrera has four overhead camshafts operated by bevel geared shafts oriented to one another at 90 degrees. One notable engine feature is the six-piece assembly Hirth crankshaft that utilizes caged roller bearings on both the engine main bearings as well as the large end of the connecting rods, enabling the Carrera engine to pick up engine revs very quickly.

The car is 1 of 39 ever made and will be a jewel worth adding to any collection. A 30-year restoration was recently completed with only 600 miles since, making this important piece of Porsche’s racing history ready for what it was made to do taking to the track at vintage racing events.

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