The Bluefish Takes Clients Above and Beyond the Realm of Possibility

paris-hilton-944-magazine-cover_largeWritten by: Panagiotis Giokas

New Year’s resolutions are rarely unique. Most people are resolute about ceasing bad habits (to quit smoking, to limit drinks to four nights a week), or to starting good ones (to exercise more).

However, there is an ambitious minority that seeks to avoid the cliché; their resolutions are more about experience than lifestyle. Some don’t want to kick the Marlboros as much as they want to see Mount Everest from God’s point-of-view. Some don’t want to limit their drinking as much as they want to break the sound barrier in a Russian MiG. For this ambitious few, bulking up just simply isn’t enough — some want to be James Bond. For them, there’s only one place to turn: Bluefish.

Bluefish, a virtuoso travel agency and concierge, provides clients with memoir ammunition — once-in-a-lifetime experiences that tip the scales of eccentricity, imagination, or sheer bat-shit craziness. They’ve sent clients from the top of the world to the bottom, on skydiving trips over the majestic Himalayas and to explorations of the Titanic in the murky depths of the Atlantic. As CEO Steve Sims says, “Bluefish takes your vision and injects it with balls.”

For one particular client, the dream was the “James Bond experience” — to hole up in Monaco hotels, to elude an Asian man in a bowling cap bent on assassination, etc. Bluefish put it all together, from casting the actors, to booking the hotels, to manning a futuristic yacht with bikini-clad “10s” — a logistical nightmare brought to fruition by pure will (and cash). “What excites us is being challenged,” Sims says. “Any travel agency can book you a hotel or get you a reservation. We’d like to be asked if we can get you to the moon, and that’s not cheap.”

As with anything, the cost is relative to the size and complexity of the project, and Bluefish fields inquiries with budgets of 5K and up. However, it’s not that the dreams of those with smaller budgets aren’t as important, it’s just that Sims and Co. are fulfilling their own aspirations by being the genie in your bottle. Their passion is taking your fantasy of, say, smashing a car halfway to hell and evolving the concept, and eventually producing a professional demolition derby in your front yard — which is what Bluefish delivered to one specific client, a Harvard professor. Sims adds, “We can’t make up your dreams, but we can help you see what’s truly possible.”

In April, Bluefish will be sending clients to the Arctic on the first-ever civilian “above-and-below” expedition, starting with a sky-dive over the ice cap, and ending with an exploration of the depths beneath. They have also recently launched their own iPhone application that serves as an elite local events calendar, personally vetted by Bluefish professionals. It’s a quality-control system, a fitting symbol for a company whose brand is centered on improving the quality of life’s experiences for its clients.

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