Step Into Celebrity

Step Into Celebrity
Luxury lifestyles are no longer limited to movie stars and Billionaires.

IMAGINE HAVING A PERSONAL ASSISTANT at your beck and call- one who is well-connected enough to get you reservations at an exclusive restaurant in Europe or book a submarine trip to see the Titanic. Well, open your eyes, stop dreaming, and hurry to your computer, because such services are now available to you. Concierge companies are fast-growing business, offering experiences formerly reserved only for celebrities to anyone willing to pay.

Bluefish Concierge is a little different; it’s less about routine details like picking up the cleaning and more about setting up whatever you might want at a moment’s notice. Want full travel arrangements for Super Bowl, the Grammy’s or a world class safari? Need to charter a yacht or rent an exotic car? Or have you always dreamed of spending a week in the shoes of James Bond? Bluefish can make any of these things happen, and more. Think of it as a friend with all the right numbers in his little black book.

It used to be that you had to know all the right people- and how to talk to  them- to live the luxurious life. In a way, that principle still applies; now, though, the only people you need to know are the ones behind companies such as Bluefish.

Whether it’s international adventure or hard-to-beat personal service, the finer things are now just a phone call away.

PrvateAir magazine – May 2005 –

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