The Best Thing Since the Tuxedo T-Shirt

T-shirt weather is around the corner which means some of us will be pulling out our old college tees, some will be searching for the newest and most clever shirt from their favorite funny T-shirt website, and others will just go to the Gap. But what about the people who are looking to drop a little more coin?

Normally we associate luxury apparel with a fine tailor-made suit or a diamond studded cocktail dress, but a T-shirt? How much do you think the most expensive tee on the planet will cost ya?

The shirt, which costs as much as a luxury sports car at a whopping price just above $91,000, is a black crew neck made of crocodile skin (sorry vegans). Hermès, the luxury French fashion house who carries the shirt on Madison Avenue in New York City, is known for dropping some jaws with their price tags. In recent history they carried rare Birkin bags selling between $80,000 and $200,000, as well as a solid-gold bag priced just shy of two million dollars.

What is arguably the most expensive T-shirt in the world was spotted on the runway at Hermès men’s spring collection last summer. The shirt is causing quite a stir in the fashion world and probably should come with its own personal dry cleaner.

So how much would you pay for a new T-shirt? Ten dollars? Forty dollars? How about two years college tuition? Well if you’re interested in dropping over $90,000 on a piece of clothing that most usually wear to bed, you might want to consider not putting a button-down shirt over it.

And you better look damn good in it.

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