Tiger Woods’ Dream Yacht

It’s got to be really tough to be Tiger Woods. Between championship rounds, commercials to shoot, kids to keep happy, how could he ever have a second to build the yacht of his dreams?

Ever since the golfer Tiger Woods got his yacht people started speculating about how big and fancy it was!
He kept it a secret until the yacht was ready. A photographer claimed to have the very first photo of Tiger Woods’ yacht!

Rumour has it; the yacht is a floating Golf course, with a house in the middle.

In fact, it was an aircraft carrier and someone even added Tiger’s name.

The funny aspect of the lie is not the lie itself. It’s that people considered it plausible enough to send these pictures everywhere.

He is one of the highest earning sports figures in the US and one of the most recognizable young and good looking celebrities.

The truth is he got The PRIVACY, a 20 million dollars yacht. It’s a 155 ft. marine fuel powered yacht. The beam is 29.5 ft. and it is constructed of fiberglass composite.
He named his yacht Privacy and sues the builders for telling the yacht’s price without his authorization! The suit was settled in Tiger Woods’ favor ($1.6 million).

He may not own a floating golf course of the size of an aircraft carrier but it gave him some good ideas for his next yacht!

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