Wood Stock

Nerds rejoice! Glasses are cool again! Thank you superhero revival, Johnny Depp, Harry Potter, the Apple Genius Bar, and…Gold & Wood eyepieces?

Glasses sure hit an awkward age in the the 80s, and we were “blinded” by not only unnatural styles, but unnatural materials as well. Then along came Gold & Wood, a small eyewear company founded in 1995 to help save the world from going straight to contacts.

Catering to a sophisticated consumer base, or one that pretends to be sophisticated by wearing glasses, Gold & Wood has found a way to bring it back to basics, using rare sustainable materials found all over the globe, including fine wood, gold, buffalo horn, and even diamonds to produce light-weight, unique, and durable frames. And if you’re the type of person with a deep appreciation for exotic woods, you’ll get to choose between a plethora of options from black and tanganika wood to ebony and mahogany.

No these are not the type you can tape together if broken. These elegant glasses are part of an exclusive collection of designer frames, ranging from rimless eyeglasses to stylish sunglasses. And if you have a hankering for some diamonds between your eyes, check out out the jewel glasses section of the collection, which features the precious stone along the bridge of the frame or the end piece.

Good & Wood (http://www.gold-and-wood.com/) provides an elite collection of frames to feast our eyes on, one of distinction, beauty, and comfort. In an age of mass-production and robatic assembly lines it’s nice to find a well designed, gently handcrafted, and three-days-in-the-making product, that can also help you see!

So for those of you who want to look a man in the eye with some confidence, or perhaps hide a superhero identity, consider this: Sight is your most valuable accessory, why not invest in a little luxury to accent those eyes?


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